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Gayle Barnett


Born and raised in Montana, I came to Wyoming to teach school.  I loved the landscapes, the mountains, the outdoor life, and something in me wanted to paint, to share what I loved with others.  My first formal art education was at Sheridan College, taking a class here and there for teacher recertification.  Since that time I have taken many terrific workshops from talented people, each who have left their mark on my work.   My painting is a blend of impressionism and realism.  I aim for a loose style, bold color, and to capture a feel in a scene.  Watercolor is a favorite medium, because of its transparency, spontaneity, and freshness.  I occasionally work in oil, pastel, and have done a little mixed media.

I spend as much time as I can, on horseback, in the Wind River Mountains.   Much of my subject matter comes from the ranch life and outdoors I enjoy so much.  Painting on location has improved my powers of observation and helped to create my own style of interpreting nature.  I am continually learning new ways to make my paintings more expressive and spontaneous.  Through the years, I have challenged myself to go beyond painting what I see to trying to capture what I feel.  My goal is to create work that speaks from my heart and hopefully, that work will touch others as well.


I am moved by “suggestion” in a painting, more so than a real detailed painting.   I attempt to paint a scene with as few brush strokes as I can, leaving it fresh and spontaneous.  When I share my observations through painting, I appreciate nature all the more.  I find beauty in simplicity.  The more I paint, the greater my awareness.  It is a gift I give myself…..

My painting endeavors have been an adventure, sometimes painful and frustrating, sometimes joy filled.  A successful piece makes my heart sing and my feet want to dance.  But not every painting is successful.  In my journey, I have learned to find joy in the process of creating and joy in the process of learning and maturing.  My work will always be changing.

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