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Alchemy welcomes Marianne Vinich

Alchemy is excited to announce Marianne Vinich, glass and pottery artist, has joined our cooperative. Come in to see Marianne's beautifully-whimsical glass art and painted pottery. A few words from Marianne - "My paintings and glass pieces reflect the spirit of my heart and soul; each has a voice of its own. Every pattern, tree, house, and bird is a direct representation of a moment in my life. Therefore, each piece is truly a gift of myself.

Shortly after the death of my mother, I began to notice feathers at my feet wherever I walked. The first feather came to me in Switzerland giving me the sensation that my mother was at my side. Since that time, the yellow bird has become symbolic of the happiness and joy I find in life and has become my trademark. I name the design and pattern of my works after my beloved mother Liselotte."

Alchemy is now home to 15 Lander artists - be sure to visit soon!


ALCHEMY: an artists' cooperative 320 Main Street, Lander Gallery hours: Monday - Saturday, 10 am-6 pm. Gift certificates available.


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