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Shawna Pickinpaugh Selected for Artist Residency in Alaska

Shawna Pickinpaugh, one of our Alchemy Artists, has been selected for The Voices of the Wilderness, at an artist residency in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. This program is modeled after traditional residencies in the national parks…with a twist. Instead of staying at remote wilderness cabins, participating artists are paired with a wilderness specialist and actively engaged in stewardship projects, such as research, monitoring, and education. The idea is to give artists a sense of the stewardship behind America’s public lands, fostering an artistic exploration of these natural and cultural treasures. The hoped-for results is artwork that communicates something of the meaning of these lands.

The hosting federal agency will provide transportation to and from the field, camping and field gear, food and lodging. Shawna will fly into Dillingham, Alaska and then to Cape Pierce, where she will have the opportunity to enjoy scenic rivers, mountains and coastal habitat that is the home to 47 species of mammals and 201 species of birds. She will hike, go beachcombing, observe wildlife, and spend time with students. She will share her talents with students and Togiak Refuge employees.

Shawna should return inspired and refreshed with new ideas and images from her trip. We look forward to seeing her newly inspired work displayed later this summer/fall in Alchemy.

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