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Noelle Weimann Alchemy's Artist of the Month!

It is evident from Noelle's exceptionally creative art work that she is the life of our art party! Her vivacious personality keeps everyone around her enthused and excited to continue our artistic adventures! Exquisite paintings, lovely jewelry and fun objects for the home are just of few of her offerings you can find at Alchemy!

Noelle was born in Connecticut to fine art dealers Robert and Wendy Weimann. She earned a BS in studio painting and a BA in Art History from Southern CT State University. Here's what Noelle has to say about her work.

"I adore color, especially complementary color combinations and painting without black. In order to achieve this, I employ bold colors with high saturation values as I feel they can replace white and black when creating lights and darks. I am inspired by and particularly fond of the Expressionist painters, primarily the Fauvists. André Derain, Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse inspire my portraiture and figure painting. People are by far my favorite subject matter. Even my nonobjective paintings are usually inspired by individual human personas. Sometimes, I even use animals to represent a person and all the nuances of character. If you share my affection for painting people, please join my figure painting course in the Spring 2017 at LAC. I am also available for commissioned portraiture."

You may contact Noelle at for more information.

Noelle's work is currently available at Alchemy.


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