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Lennie Poitras is Alchemy's Artist of the Month!

Lennie's creativity never ceases to amaze! Her jewelry designs are unique, and beautiful, reflecting her eagerness to explore her medium while continuing to produce amazing pieces! Be sure and check out Lennie's latest offerings. Lennie knows how to create work that will delight folks for generations to come. You're sure to find something for someone special this holiday season! Just look for her label, Botanica Beads and Jewelry. Here's what Lennie has to say about her work:

"I have always felt a need to make things. As a trained Horticulturist I am crazy about plants and as a jewelry artist much of my work centers around plant forms translated through various metals and glass. From my studio here at 320 Studios I create traditional metalwork and also work with an exciting and relatively new material, Metal Clay. I also play with glass as enamel and fused glass and dabble with pastels."

Check out more of Lennie's work here: Lennie Poitras

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