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Alchemy Welcomes New Artist!

Debra Zelenak

Alchemy is proud to introduce our newest Artist Member, Debra Zelenak! We are excited to have Deb's fabulous sculptures in our gallery, making our selection of hand-made art and craft even more diverse! The quality of Deb's work is amazing, and she has a long list of impressive credits to her artistic career. Her official start date is November 1, 2016 and you will be able to meet Deb and talk about her work at Alchemy's upcoming First Anniversary Celebration, happening on November 11 from 4-8 pm.

Here's what Deb has to say about her work:

" My work’s foundation is based on the long tradition of carved bird decoys. An intense passion for these exquisitely sculpted birds was the catalyst for my becoming an artist. Most of my sculptures are of birds. I'm often asked “Why birds?” The simple answer is I like birds - their beauty, graceful flight and sometime funny antics bring me smiles of joy and laughter. I attempt to bring forth the essence of each bird through realistic, iconic, or stylized forms. My favorite point in sculpting is when the subject emerges and ceases to be just wood, stone or metal and becomes “alive.” Please visit my website at to see more or purchase my artwork.

Here's a sampler of her work.


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