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The Genesis of Alchemy

The idea for Alchemy first came to be after Studio 320, located in the alley of 320 Main St. in Lander, Wyoming was developed. A former tenant, Rummel Dance Studio had moved, creating a vacancy in the front part of the building. Working artists housed at Studio 320 who were sitting on inventory recruited a small group of additional artists to work on running numbers for a potential expansion.

The Osborn family, who own the building and continue to be extremely cooperative and supportive to the artists, offered the entire front space at a lower rate than expected. Renting the entire first floor of the building to one entity--the Lander Art Center, made better business sense than piecemeal leases. It was a win/win.

The small group, which now consisted of Lennie Poitras, Dannine Donaho, Mary Haper, Deborah Britt, and Jeni VanderVoet regrouped-- running numbers, measuring square footage, and recruited 7 additional artists.

Meanwhile the Lander Art Center started pursuing additional studio artists. When enough interest was identified to pay the rent, the space was split among additional studio artists and Alchemy. Painting and collection of display cases began in a fury.

Alchemy opened doors November 6, 2015 in order to partner with Lander Art Center's Native Show, opening on the same night. The store has been welcomed warmly by our community. And though open only one month prior to the holiday season, had encouraging sales.

The 14 artists meet bi-monthly to continue to work out policies, structure, responsibilities, and accounting. Each artist pays $55 per month and works 3 hours a week to be a part of the co-op. Artists receive 100% of their sales, aside from credit card fees. Original work is preferred with exceptions being made for greeting cards.

Alchemy artists include Lennie Poitras, Dannine Donaho, Anne Austin, Jeni VanderVoet, Rosie Ratigan, Shawna Pickinpaugh, Melissa Strickler, Joel Newquist, Bill Yankee, Kristen Brown, Noelle Van Dijk, Stephanie Harris, Mary Haper, and Deborah Britt. Alchemy artists value hand-made original arts and crafts, strength in numbers, working together, shopping locally, and community involvement.

Our products include paintings, pottery, t-shirts, jewelry, knitted items, woodwork, sewn items, mobiles and more.

Alchemy is open 12-6 Tuesday through Saturday and late on Thursdays until 9 pm.

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