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Laura Norman

I love the patterns in nature: a snail shell, beetles tunneling in bark, the layering of rocks.

My scarf work may incorporate the Shibori method of stitch resist techniques that mimic some of nature's patterns such as Karamatsu (Japanese Larch), Mokume (wood grain), Ori Nui (linear). I may fold and clamp a scarf using Itajime Shibori to get a repetitive design and finish dyeing it with Indigo.

I hand-dye some scarves using nature's palette. Flowers, leaves, and twigs from my gardens, rusty bits found on walks, then using steam and vinegar I get a wonderful imprint of life on the scarf.

I have dabbled with art most of my life. Sometimes putting it on the back shelf to pursue jobs, raise a family, or another direction life took me. My art has taken various forms over the years, but it has been a constant companion, always giving me a creative outlet.

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Instagram: @reddesertwear

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