A Short Primer on Printmaking Techniques

Printmaking Techniques Original prints, (those made by hand by the artist or a fine art printer) fall into four categories listed below. Intaglio In the intaglio process, the image is pulled from below the surface of the plate. This image has been incised, engraved, or “etched” using a mordant such as nitric acid. Examples of original prints executed in the intaglio process include etchings, engravings, and drypoints. Relief The relief process is almost the exact opposite of intaglio in that in this type of printmaking the image is pulled from a raised surface, in which the artist has either cut away the negative (not-inked) areas, or build them up from the surface of the block. (This proces

Featured Artist of the Month: Rosie Ratigan

There is a love and a drive within me to make art and I can not imagine my life without art. Wyoming flora and fauna are my preferred subjects as they reflect the beautiful Wyoming world around me. Birds are my favorite with their beauty and innocence, from diminutive song birds to larger birds and birds of prey. There are so many ideas for paintings in my mind waiting to emerge on canvas. So stay tuned and see what I will be painting next. Find Rosie’s work currently located at: Lander Bake Shop The Middle Fork Lander Art Center Global Arts and of course ALCHEMY: an artists’ cooperative.

Valentine Gift Certificate Winner Named!

Congratulations to Jeanene Eiserman who won the drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Alchemy as well as a yummy, heart-shaped box of chocolates. Thank you all for visiting Alchemy and helping make Lander the vital arts community that it is! View this email in your browser In the event that the chosen one does not respond to our attempts to contact her we will, after one week, go to the second person. Results were randomly selected using a random number generator based on the total number of members on our mailing list.

ALCHEMY'S Valentine Open House

ALCHEMY Valentine Open House is here! Yes, it is our open house tomorrow,... 3:00 - 8:00 PM. There is still time to sign our ALCHEMY Guestbook and you will have a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate. Stop in and take a look at some of the new items in the store made by the 14 ALCHEMY artists, and sign the guest book by 8:00 PM. This week our artists have brought in new t-shirt designs, new jewelry, and much more.

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